When We First Met
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When We First Met

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During Avery Martin’s (Alexandra Daddario) engagement party, Noah Ashby (Adam DeVine) recalls his and Avery’s first meeting during a Halloween party three years earlier and is sad to see her engaged to perfect Ethan (Robbie Amell) instead of him. Drunk and being driven home by Avery’s photographer roommate Carrie Grey (Shelley Hennig), Noah admits he is secretly in love with Avery but, on the night they met, Avery only saw him as a good friend and met Ethan the next day.

Carrie deposits him with Max (Andrew Bachelor), his successful vice president best friend, at the piano bar where Noah works. Noah drunkenly uses the photo booth where he and Avery shared a moment and falls asleep. He awakens in his bed and soon discovers he has traveled back in time to the day he met Avery. Noah tries to re-do their meeting, using his knowledge of her to his advantage, but Carrie, whom he met earlier and claimed he knew her and Avery well, comes home early and the two deduce he is a stalker and attack him. He wakes up back in the present thinking it was only a dream, but when he goes to Avery’s house he realizes he is repeating the day of Avery’s engagement party, but this time she recognizes him as the stalker from three years ago. Noah realizes he can use the photo booth to go back in time to re-do their meeting and will wake up to the consequences three years later.

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