La Femme La Plus Assassinée Du Monde
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La Femme La Plus Assassinée Du Monde

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In the early 1930s, Paula Maxa is one of the leading actresses at the Grand Guignol Theatre in Paris. Maxa is self-defined as the « most assassinated woman in the world » having become famous for being violently murdered on stage more than 10 000 times. The theater director at the Grand Guignol is known for his gruesome stories and realistic gory special effects that leave audience members shocked and at times disgusted. Journalist « Jean » from Le Petit Journal is tasked with writing a critique of Maxa’s performances. He arrives at the theater one night and seeks Maxa after her performance. On the way to her dressing room, he is given a bouquet of flowers by one of her costars to deliver to Maxa, apparently on behalf of one of her admirers. When he arrives in her dressing room, Maxa notices the flowers and asks him to throw them away. The two are intrigued by each other, both noting they are not what either expected of a typical journalist or actress. After Maxa leaves for her next performance, Jean begins to look around her dressing room, and notices the note attached to the flowers he brought her, which expresses her admirers love for her performances on stage, notably her deaths, and how they cannot wait to murder her in real life. Jean reads that the note is from a J. After Jean leaves, an unknown man is seen entering Paula’s dressing room, and stealing the postcard on her mirror. The next morning, Paula awakes with a scream from a nightmare in which a man wearing a mask and using a cane has followed her to a cafe and killed her. She then has a vision of a girl in her bathtub, playing with dolls. The girl looks visibly deceased, with pale skin and blue lips. Paula takes medication, and the girl disappears. Jean is seen next at work with a stab wound on his hip. When a coworker tells Jean to have it checked by a doctor, Jean ignores him. He goes to see his boss, who asks him how his story is coming along. Although Jean wants to focus his story on the people of the theater, his boss reveals that he has been sent to investigate the link between numerous murders that have occurred in town recently and those portrayed on stage. He believes killers have been drawing inspiration from the fictitious murders for their real-life killings. Later that day, Jean goes to see Paula and asks her on a date.

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