Candy Jar
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In the principal’s office of Hemlock Prep Academy, Lona Skinner internally monologues about her hate towards Bennet Russell, her fellow debate club member. They both want to be president of their two-person club as it would look good on their college applications; Lona wants to go to Harvard and Bennet to Yale. Ultimately, the principal declares them both co-presidents, despite both their arguments.

At the debate tournament, Lona’s mother, Amy and Bennet’s mother, Julia, act passive aggressive towards each other. Both Bennet and Lona make it to finals, and are declared as co-champions, as they can’t compete against each other because they are from the same school. The next day, Lona and Bennet send in their respective applications.

Despite Lona’s protests, Amy makes Lona dress up to go to homecoming. Lona leaves the house, promising to go to the dance, but instead walks to the movies. Once there, Lona eventually bumps into Bennet, who is also dressed for Homecoming and alone. They avoid one another, but after the movie ends, Bennet offers Lona a ride home, which she accepts. They stop to buy shakes and fries, then eat outside by a waterfront.

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